QQI Service Strategy

Overall QQI’s capabilities are centered on helping you understand how a well conceptualized and planned QMS can have a positive impact and benefit on many areas of your organization, but most importantly to your customers and your bottom line. Our strategy is to provide you with the means to make your QMS profitable. We do this by providing you with the appropriate information, knowledge, experience, and recommendations so that you can make the informed decisions that best fit your business. We assist you in converting these decisions into plans. If our clients internal resources become an issue, we can actually perform some of the implementation work. We firmly believe, however, that the organization that involves their own people in building their own systems achieves the best and quickest performance benefits.

We currently provide post-certification services, such as internal audit support, root cause analysis, process improvements and process analysis. We can provide a task specific service such as process analyses. We can provide general support with the management of systems such as internal auditsor continuous improvements. We currently provide internal audit support to several clients either by acting as an internal auditor or providing overall management of the internal audit program.

ISO 9000 and ISO/TS 16949: Currently our strongest capability, we have successfully worked with over 150 companies in providing consulting, training, and auditing services to assist them in their implementation efforts. We currently have four consultants on staff who are thoroughly versed in practical and successful methods of helping our clients implement QMS, and achieving registration on the first try. We have expertise in the following areas:

  • Malcolm Baldrige criteria-based QMS
  • SPC and Statistical Techniques
  • CE Mark and European "Product" certification/qualification
  • FDA GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices)/Quality System Regulation/EN46001
  • Total Quality Management (TQM)/lean manufacturing/6 Sigma
  • Predictive Maintenance concepts and techniques

Customer Site Training

QQI offers customized on-site training to meet all our clients' quality management system needs. Any aspect of understanding, implementing, and maintaining a quality management system can be provided. Consistent with our strategy, we provide training that is specific to your needs, that utilizes your documentation and achieves a your training goals.




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